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Wild Lemongrass Room Spray

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Reviving, refreshing and just a little bit sweet. A kick of wild lemongrass with a swirl of lemon verbena, pine needle, lime and mandarin sit beside base notes of cedar wood and musk.

How Does It Work?

Spritz into the air to scent your home. Repeat as desired. Do not spray directly onto fabrics or furniture.  Please shake before each use.

Candle Care - View

It is vital that you follow these safety tips when lighting your candle.

• Never leave your candle burning unattended.
• Keep your candle out of reach of children and pets.
• Never burn your candle on or near anything that might catch fire.
• Be sure your candle is placed on a stable, heat-resistant surface.
• Keep burning candles away from any drafts.
• Don’t burn your candle all the way down – know when to say goodbye, and leave 1/2 inch of wax in the bottom of the container.
• Never touch or move a burning candle when the wax is liquid.
• Place burning candles at least 10cm apart from one another.
• Use a snuffer to avoid hot wax splattering, and never use water to put out the flame.
• Trim your wick before burning so the flame doesn’t smoke, flicker or rise too high.